Clarus Corporation
Clarus is a multinational corporation specializing in creation, deployment, and support of B2B software. 51 seconds worked with their marketing-communications department to transform their website from a high maintenance static html configuration to an XML enabled dynamically generated site. Our web applications allowed Clarus' marketing department to save time and money by turning the contents of their website over to the creators of the content, without those creators having to know anything about the web.

David Smith Studios
David Smith Studios is a successful photography studio in Atlanta. We designed the site to showcase David's photography. This meant that the navigation, and standard page elements needed to be color neutral so as not to affect the balance and richness of the color photography.

image go here DealerGain
DealerGain, an online intermediary between the car buyer and car dealer, came to us with an idea for a website and logo. We took it from there and delivered a clean easy to use website that included an interactive product demo, scrolling news headlines, and interactive explanations of the process.

Propeller Press Pediatric Neurology Clinic of Alaska, P.C.
The clinic provides neurological care for the children of Alaska. Based in Anchorage they were looking to provide a professional look and feel to their patient facing website.

Propeller Press Propeller Press
Propeller Press, a local publishing company, had a design and concept for a web site but no way to implement it. We reformatted the site for the web and added e-commerce capability.

Productivity Point International Productivity Point International
Productivity Point International had a website and a corporate image that was perceived as "old school", cold, and uninviting. Being a training company their site was contrary to the warm and inviting image they were cultivating. We helped them lighten up their site and make it more friendly and easy to navigate.
Send Flowers America
Send Flowers America has an extensive in house infrastructure in place to take flower orders by phone. They wanted their website to be transactional, but were afraid of the costs involved with a fully enabled e-commerce site. In addition they wanted to keep a human component in the order process. 51 Seconds built an extensive online catalog and order system that interfaced with their existing phone based infrastructure that was low cost and secure.

Siemens Energy & Automation
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. is dedicated to providing complete electrical, engineering and automation solutions, along with the right products, software, services to our clients worldwide. We updated their Nascar sponsorship page, creating a non-transactional catalog, creating imagery, and used database integration to provide the data that race fans were looking for.

Sigma, one of Atlanta's fastest growing high tech companies, is the exclusive Southeast area representative for SAP R/3TM through the SAP Certified Business Solutions program. This is the prototype of an email for a drip campaign they were planning. (MasterCard and Microsoft)
To enter the emerging B2B eProcurement marketplace, MasterCard developed a program for buying managers to use their P-card and technology from Microsoft to use electronic procurement to purchase goods and services over the Internet. They called this program WebPurchasing. We developed an information/sales site for them that explained the benefits of using the P-card for corporate online purchases. We developed the site so that purchasing managers could point their executives to it for answers to any questions on how the P-card could provide a strategic advantage for MRO spending. We also created a forms based wizard to facilitate signing up for the P-card program.
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